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* I thought this was insightful because if you don't do the things below you will 100% be successful! :) Enjoy.. She sure does have a sense of humor ;)

By a Director in Chicago

Hey gang!  I have been in the business long enough now to see people come into BeautiControl and do great, and others crash and burn. I thought for those of you who aren't serious about your personal success that I would write these helpful hints, gained from watching several failures in the business, and pass them on so you can go down the exciting path of failure a lot quicker!  These handy tips, if followed exactly, will guarantee that you will be a shining example of failure and an inspiration to procrastinating, broke people everywhere!   

1.  DON'T USE THE PRODUCT. I mean, it's a whole lot easier to just let those pretty boxes sit on a shelf. Or why not give them to your little kids? Imagine the fun they can have with makeup, spa products, and skincare! Imagine if you used the products, it actually worked for you, and then you had to actually TELL somebody about the business?   Ouch, that could be uncomfortable.   

2.  RELY ON YOUR RECRUITER. If they don't work your business for you, don't do anything. After all, it was HER fault that you got in the business, she owes you, right?! Try to be as dependent on her as possible, it's a whole lot easier than taking personal initiative!   

3.  AVOID PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. All that inspirational stuff is just a bunch of hype. Who needs to listen to idiots like John C. Maxwell, Susan Friedmann, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar etc. They're just a bunch of slick suited fancy pants show offs that make their money selling their cheap philosophies. You will do better to stick with television and magazines. After all, all the time you spend in personal development takes away from the time you can keep up with Paris Hilton and Brad and Angelina.   

4.  PROCRASTINATE. Sure it's true that hard work pays off eventually, but procrastination pays of RIGHT NOW! Just go ahead and wait, something is BOUND to happen if you just wait long enough. Wait until you feel like it, or until the stars are aligned, or until your recruits get going. That' the best time to get started. Any time but right now!  

5.  BE A TOE DIPPER. It can be harmful to make a total commitment. It's better to have the safe attitude of I'll just try this for 3 months and see what happens, then I'll REALLY decide". I mean, making a total commitment and going for it with everything you've got could lead to heartbreak and failure, but if you don't really commit, then when you fail it's not a big deal!   

6.  DON'T SET GOALS. You probably haven't hit any you set before, why set yourself up for disappointment now? Just don't bother, but if you do, set them once then never look at them or think about them again, goals are for over achievers.  

7.  AVOID PROSPECTING. Remember, safety lies in your comfort zone. Whatever you do, don't do anything that challenges that comfort zone. It's taken years to develop it, it wouldn't do to change it now. People who leave their comfort zones often change their lives completely and become incredibly successful. If we all did that, who'd be left to safeguard mediocrity?!   

8. DON'T LEAD YOUR PERSONAL RECRUITS. If you do happen to get somebody in your business, just let them figure it out themselves. I mean, you had to, right? If  you DO decide to train them, invent the training yourself, and don't follow the simple proven systems your team uses. That could lead to massive duplication, then all of a sudden you could have hundreds, even thousands of people in your unit that need your leadership! Who needs the headache?!   

9.  DON'T ATTEND MONTHLY MEETINGS. I mean NONE of them. What's the point? You've heard it all before, right? And if YOU start going to meetings, your team might, then you have all those problems that come with creating duplication. I mean, why spend some time listening to inspiring Directors and Consultants who are succeeding when you could be watching TV? And who needs recognition every month the applause & pats on the back that will just make you feel good. And gifts for working your business? No way, you don't want that! Oh and sharing knowledge about our business and products who needs that?!   

10.  SKIP THE BEAUTICONTROL NATIONAL EVENTS. Who needs all that hype?! What good could possibly come from listening to encouragement and tips from Kristie Hubbard, Melissa Brisbois, Gary Jones, and all the top leaders in the company?! How much fun can you have watching fellow consultants get cars & jewelry & recognition.  You might even win an award and people might look up to you! And you might find new friends and have fun! Yuck! Think of the good soap operas or movies you might miss while you were at the event! Better to keep your money and stay home.  

I hope these handy hints help make it clear exactly what you need to do to fail in BeautiControl. If you follow these to the letter, I GUARANTEE that your BeautiControl experience will be a complete waste of time, and you can simply be absorbed back into the financial place you came from, where everything is safe and comfortable.


1. Be the #1 person in your team! Be #1 in sales, #1 in bookings, #1 in recruiting!!!

2. Be consistent.


4. Join a networking group.

5. Niche your practice.

6. Master the "money conversation"

7. Figure out the hours you want to work.

8. FOCUS: a strong focus now creates a different future later.

9. Make a list of centers of influence.

10. Create strategic alliances and surround yourself only with positive people. Remove negativity and nay-sayers from your world.

11. Set up your office for eficiency.

12. Make a DREAM BOARD and believe in yourself, write down why you are really good at this.

13. Strenghten your strengths by delegating.

14. Set up scripts that work and memorize them.

15. Get on boards and be involved in your community. Get visible.

16. Create a signature talk that you are known for.

17. Create an idea book so you can focus on 2 or 3 things max.

18. Celebrate your WINS - don't take them for granted.

19. Work with groups for more income in less time.

20. Be a bridger - bridge people together.

21. Do 5 lunches, breakfasts, coffees per week to spread the word.

22. Have all the necessary business equipment.

23. Launch a party for your business.

24. Set up 3 short term goals per month.

25. Figure out what image you must have to make your target audience want to work with you.

26. Estimate with clients how long they would need to work with you.


28. Check local newspapers for groups that meet on a regular basis or for expos etc in your area.

29. Create a vision for your business that really pulls you forward.

30. Increase your confidence in networking by doing it more often;.

31. Define what is holding you back from going forward and act on it.

32. Schedule important marketing tasks in your day planner.

33. Write conversationally.

34. Deal with procrastination NOW NOT LATER! :)

(*some of these ideas are from www.ClientAttraction.com)

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